A wheelchair is designed to provide freedom and mobility to people suffering from walking difficulties and disabilities. Wheelchairs enable the users to move around and remain mobile with relative ease and they allow disabled people to lead an independent and active life.

Several kinds of wheelchairs are available in the market to fulfill the needs of individual users. The most common types are manual wheelchairs and electric or power wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs are relatively affordable when compared to electric wheelchairs and?they can be driven with the help of hands, whereas motors are used to drive electric wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are much lighter, easily transported and can be readily folded for ease of storage.

A number of styles are available and they are generally classed as self propelled and car transit wheelchairs and the type used by individuals will generally depend upon the level of mobility and disability they may experience.

Electric wheelchairs allow the user to be self-reliant and less dependant on others and can provide improved comfort and a suspension system in addition to increased manoeuvrability. Physical disability varies from one user to another and hence most of the electric wheelchairs are provided with a control system that can be customized to fit the physical requirements of different users and if an assistant controlled chair is required even their carers.

People who depend on wheelchairs usually want them to be comfortable, easily accessible and extremely versatile in usage. Power wheelchairs have given a new to the lease of life to countless users. Power wheelchairs enable the user to retain their freedom in moving from one place to another without help. Power wheelchairs are also ideal for those suffering with shoulder, hand or arm disability as it is possible for a power wheelchair to be easily operated with the help of a joystick. This joystick allows the user to take control of the speed and direction of the wheelchair. Several other functions such as seat and leg elevation, tilting, reclining, etc can also be controlled effectively by making use of the joystick.

Gone are the days when a wheelchair was merely used to move the user from one location to another. The swift advancement in wheelchair design has revolutionised the lifestyle of many users. These developments help people to take part in different kinds of sports and activities that have been specially adapted for disabled people such as wheelchair skiing, downhill racing, wheelchair tennis, basketball and many more.

Today wheelchairs can be found in a host of shapes, sizes and colours to suit personal preference however the main purpose of every wheelchair remains to provide maximum comfort and versatility to wheelchair-bound individuals. Along with the variety of wheelchairs you can also find countless wheelchair accessories to suit your needs.




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