Walking & Mobility Aids

Three and four wheeled walking aids along with walking frames and walkers are some of the most widely used walking aids for permanent as well as temporary use.

Designed to help you walk they are particularly suited to the elderly and those with a disability. Walkers help you move independently both inside and outside of the home and are found to be convenient and hassle free for many.

Walking Sticks & Crutches

Walking sticks are used on a daily basis by elderly or disabled people. Walking sticks come in different designs and styles, such as folding walking stick, off-set sure grip walking sticks, lightweight height adjustable and walking sticks with palm grip or arthritic grip.

Walking Frames

Walking aids and walking frames are all height adjustable and the right solution can be found to help those with a range of mobility and disability needs. They also often come with braked castors, seats and baskets.

Wheeled Walkers & Rollators:

We also provide wheeled walkers and Rollators for easy movement. Our Rollators are made of lightweight aluminium and are easily manoeuvrable, providing independence both inside and outside of the home. We also have high quality 3 wheeled walker made of light weight aluminium, which can easily be folded for storage and transportation. These wheel walkers have looped brakes that can be locked to give the user additional confidence when resting in a standing position.

Walking Aid Accessories

We have a wide range of walking aid accessories including 3" side fixed wheels for walkers, bag for Rollator, bag and baskets for tri wheels, Buckingham caddy, cane strap and much more.

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