Site Accessibility

This site follows a subset of the W3C's recent draft of recommendations for accessibility (11/12/07). To read more about the guidlines go to: While this is a draft of the recommendations, it is more up to date and relevant than the last official standard from 1999.

Text Size

You can easily?Increase / Decrease the?size of text you are viewing?whilst working within your Browser i.e Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari

To do so please follow these?instructions:-

1)?Click 'View' found on the top left hand side of your browser (under the web address)

2) From the drop down list choose 'Text Size'

3) From the list provided click on the size of text you wish to use on the web page ie 'largest' (internet explorer)?/ 'Increase' (firefox)

The size of text will then?change on your web page accordingly. If you wish to go back to the original size or change size again, simply follow the same procedure and choose the?size of text required.

Should you have any queries regarding site accessibility please do not hesitate to contact us

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