Rise & Recliner Chairs

Do you have difficulty standing? Do you have a bad back or swollen feet and ankles?

Maybe you are looking for a perfect present for a family member or friend who has reduced mobility?

These are just a few reasons to try our recliner and rise chairs.

Rise and recliner chairs help with a range of health problems and can make a real difference to the quality of life for those with reduced mobility or a disability.

Gentle on your joints and muscles rise and recliner chairs support your legs and help the whole body to relax.

Rise and recliner chairs offer comfort, allow you to sit and stand up without strain and help you soothe back pain. They can help relieve common back problems and are especially helpful for those who have to sit for long hours.

Our chairs come in a range of sizes and will cater for taller and more petite users. Other styles of recliner or rise chairs are designed with different back styles which provide disabled people greater comfort. They can have standard backs,  button backs or waterfall backs which optimize comfort and relaxation.

Recliner or rise chairs are supplied with battery back-ups and are very smooth and quiet to operate, ensuring you have peace of mind at all times.

Able Lift - Infinity

Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Infinity is probably the most versatile rise and recline chair in our range. This lift and recline chair will enable you to get comfortable in an...

Able Lift Petite - Wood

Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Petite wood arm Rise Recliner chair will help enable you to maintain your comfort and independence at home. Designed with e ven the most petite...

Able Lift Wing Back

Rise & Recliner Chairs

Our Wing Back Rise Recliner chair is an exceptional chair that will help you with all your comfort needs. Able to gently help you into a standing...

Able Lift Petite

Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Able Lift Petite Lift and Recline chairs compact dimensions and low seat to floor height make it the perfect choice for the petite individual....

Able Life 101

Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Able Life 101 riser and recliner chair  is gives you comfort and quality at a price that is right. Exceptional design and functionality makes...

Able Lift Classic

Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Classic three-position lift and recline chair with button back delivers superb comfort, solid performance and a home-enhancing contemporary...

Able Chair Bed

Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Chair Bed is the ultimate solution to your comfort needs for sleeping, sitting and standing. Infinite number of recline & lounging positions...


Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Harlech is a stylish single motor lift and recline chair which comes in a leather faced finish as standard, yet remains exceptional value for...

The Cambridge

Rise & Recliner Chairs

This exciting new design of chair has Electric Cordless Operation using a self powered unit that is charged overnight and will operate in normal use...

Cambridge Chair - Safety Lap Strap

Rise & Recliner Chairs

Safety Lap Strap for Cambridge Chair. Price given is supplied and fitted.

The Monmouth

Rise & Recliner Chairs

The Monmouth is a classic premium design, 2 motor lift and recline chair. The best tradition of British craftmanship is reflected in this chair which...

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