Mobility Scooters Guide


Today it is increasingly common to see a mobility scooter or powerchair being used by people of all ages and abilities. Mobility vehicles are popular because without them?people?can be housebound, or restricted to moving?very limited distances.

They are easy to control, economical to keep, and of course they can be great fun.

However, deciding on which model to trial and which company to buy from is very important and it can be a difficult decision to make.

You need to know that the?scooter is suitable for all your needs and that the company is an qualified and experienced supplier. You need to know that they will look after you and your?scooter - now and in the future.



There are a large number of mobility?scooters, manufacturers and suppliers you can choose from, but the decision you make will depend upon which features and benefits suit you, the environment you live in and the terrain you wish to cover.

The models offered come in many sizes and?styles with different features and benefits.

3 wheel mobility scooters offer the?greatest manouverability but when turning sharply, especially at speed, they may not be as stable

Smaller scooters offer easy manoeuvrability and portability but often have smaller wheels which will not easily climb kerbs* or?cover rough ground. ?Small batteries restrict range but are often better suited for indoor use and ease of dismantling and transportaion.

*Please be aware that with any mobility scooter the mounting and dismounting of kerbs can be very uncomfortable. Wherever possible we recommend you find a suitable dropped kerb but please don?t overlook this aspect.

Questions to ask when choosing your scooter:-

  • Is the scooter comfortable to ride?
  • Can I get on and off of it easily?
  • Are the controls suitable and comfortable for me to use over a long period?
  • Is the scooter going to suit my needs for at least a few years?
  • Can the mobility scooter carry me and my shopping?
  • Will the scooter be suitable for all types of terrain I anticipate wanting to use it over?
  • Do I need the scooter to be able to climb kerbs?
  • Can I dismantle the scooter to transport it in the car if needed?
  • Does the scooter give me the mileage range I need, not only when shopping locally, but also when I want to visit a place of interest or an environment where I may need to be able to travel greater distances.?
  • Is the mobility scooter stable and safe enough for my needs?
  • Do I have somewhere to store and charge up my scooter?

Other Important Questions:-

  • Is the company able to offer you servicing facilities and on the road service and repair?
  • Can the company provide comprehensive insurance, servicing and financial plans?
  • Do you know the costs of call outs and in house servicing?
  • Is the company able to provide other medical products you may require?
  • Will the company tailor?a chosen product to suit your needs?
  • Will the company provide details of another approved repairer when you are away on holiday in the UK?
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