Leg Therapy & Pain Relief

Do you need products that can offer you Pain Relief and help give you Healthy legs and Mobility?

Then you are experiencing very common difficulties and our products may be able to help you.

These specialist leg and pain therapy aids are medically designed to offer you simple solutions that you can use in comfort and at home. The easy to use solutions designed encourage healthy active lifestyles, by aiding pain relief and encouraging healthy legs.

Whatever your lifestyle, we have a range of products that can assist you.

Circulation Booster Gloves

Leg Therapy & Pain Relief

Soothe, relax and refresh tired hands today! Revitive Gloves have tiny threads of silver woven throughout the material which when used with Revitive...

Pain Gone

Leg Therapy & Pain Relief

PainGone is a handy, fast working device shaped like a large pen and is as easy to use. It works on the principles of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve...

Reviving Foot and Leg Gel Cream

Leg Therapy & Pain Relief

Improves the conductivity and effectiveness of the Revitive leg therapy system. Cool & calming cream to help revive hot, tired feet & aching...

Ultralieve ProŽ

Leg Therapy & Pain Relief

The UltralieveŽ Pro, is a Class 2a medical ultrasound device available for personal home use. The original UltralieveŽ sold out within weeks of going...

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