How to Advertise

Advertising your product or service can be completed in minutes by following the instructions given below;

If you are not already in our Classifieds section, please click on the Red button at the top of the page?titled "Read our Classifieds".

Once here you are ready to progress....

Becoming a Member

1) In the Top Left hand ?Menu? box click on the ?Submit Listing? button

2) Complete your User Details in all the required boxes provided and press ?SUBMIT?

3) You will now be instructed that a message has been sent to your given email address. In order to activate your account you will need to go there and click on the link provided.

You are now a Member and once you have logged in will be ready to enter a listing;

In future all you need do to gain access to Your Account is to go to ?Log In? and enter your Login/Password details.

Placing an Advertisement / Listing

1) In the Left hand ?Options? box click on the ?Add Listing? button

2) Choose the type of Membership you wish to use for the advert, using the ?Select Membership? drop down box.

Please note: Membership types can be changed for each listing. I.e. if you choose a Paid listing for one item you can still add a different item using the Free listing option.

3) Complete the ?Submit Listing form? as indicated, ensuring you complete all the boxes as indicated.

Once you have completed and submitted the listing form, notification will be sent to your email address that we have received it.

We will then review your submission and once it has been approved by our team it will be listed on the website.

Should there be any problems with your submission we will contact you with further details.

Types of Membership

Membership is FREE to all private individuals.

If you wish to compare membership types please click on the ?Compare Memberships? button which is found on the top left hand side.

This will take you to a comparison chart which will explain exactly what each membership listing entitles you to.

Please note: Should you wish to upgrade from your Free membership, you can do this by simply placing a new advertisement and choosing your membership type from the ?Select Membership? drop down box provided.

Business Membership

We offer a business membership facility which enables manufacturers and providers of services, charities and organisations to advertise direct to our clients.

This service is available strictly upon an approval basis and Able Life Products Ltd reserves the right to refuse any business customers without prejudice.

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions accordingly.
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