Grab rails are often  used in toilets and bathrooms, but practically grab rails can be placed anywhere inside your home to provide extra support, ease and comfort in movement.

Grab rails can be used to pull or push against while standing up or sitting. Grab rails can also be utilized as a steady support when standing or sitting down and help in providing a firm grip while changing position. Most grab rails are meant for attaching to the walls however there are even ceiling and floor fixed rails available on the market to cater to individual needs.

People usually go for a combination of horizontal or vertical grab rails as it is extremely helpful in a range of activities. Before taking any decision about the purchasing or altering of grab rails, we recommend you taking professional advice and it must be remembered that they will require safe installation. If required it may be advisable to consult an occupational therapist. Trained therapists can help guide you in choosing the most appropriate grab rails in keeping with your needs.

These days grab rails are seen as standard pieces of living equipment especially if you have a Disabled or physically challenged person at home. If possible try out several grab rails before purchasing a particular one. It may be possible to  arrange a visit to your nearest disabled living centre. These centre’s possess a wide range of equipment. You easily try out different types of grab rails here and gain further information about them.

At we have a range of support and mobility aids that can be extremely helpful in allowing a you to lead as independent a life as is possible.

Easyleaver - Bed Grab Rail

Grab Rails

Designed for use on divan style beds; suitable for use on single, double or kingsize. This all-metal bed grab rail is simple to assemble and...

Easyrail Bed Grab Rail

Grab Rails

The Easyrail® is designed to fit those beds where the mattress sits within a side frame, such as pine slatted beds. It is Easy to assemble and...

EZ Adjust Bed Rail with Pouch

Grab Rails

The only bed rail that adjusts in length after installation. Works well as a side rail to keep you from falling out of bed, as well as a support bar...

Newel Rail

Grab Rails

White Plastic coated steel rail, turns 90 degrees around a newel post avoiding the need to let go. There is a left and right handed version. Length...

Plastic Coated Steel Grab Bar

Grab Rails

These white plastic coated rails offer quality and durability. Manufactured in 1in (2.5cm) diameter steel tube and stand 3.5in (9cm) off the wall....

Prima Grab Bar - Outdoor - Green & Black - 18" 46cm

Grab Rails

The Prima Outdoor Rail has been designed to be used out doors mainly to help in doorways. The bar has good grip and is coloured in black. Length is...

Prima Grab Rail - Mint - Straight

Grab Rails

An innovation in safety grab rail design. The New Prima grab bar is one of the strongest and most attractive grab bars on the market. The bars...

Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

Grab Rails

The Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar makes standing from a couch, bed, or toilet… Easy. And because it's tension mounted, it can easily be placed...

Wood Effect Fluted Grab Rail

Grab Rails

At first glance you would struggle to believe that these rails are not made from real wood! Our wood-like grab rails give the look and warm feel of...

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