Household & Kitchen Aids

If you experience difficulty with tasks around the home Kitchen aids and household aids may be the answer and there is a complete range available which will help with your daily living.

Kettles, jugs or teapot tippers enable the safe pouring of hot liquids. Household and kitchen aids like pan holders help keep pots in place for one handed stirring.

Spread boards can be used with one hand and help to spread condiments easily. Kitchen aids like this have non slip feet with a downward lip. Other useful mobility aids for any household include the Swedish cutting board which can be used in the kitchen to slice and grate food or even to hold salad bowls. Sometimes food slips making it difficult to cut it and products like the waterproof cutting board have aluminum food spikes to hold the food in place making working in the kitchen stress free and helping to keep it clean.

Specifically designed with the needs of the elderly and the disabled in mind, household aids such as the 7 day pill box help to organize the week?s medication and enables easy dispensing. They have a flip top lid that is marked with letters and raised Braille.

Pocket sized products that can be carried for short trips and useful aids like all purpose scissors, long handled toe nail scissors, and LED night lights are available.?Also?look out for innovative kitchen and household aids such as reachers, rolling scissors, foot stools, perching stools with adjustable height, carving knives, spatulas and fork knives.

While caring for the elderly and disabled it is essential to have specially designed household items and kitchen equipment that are safe to use.

A clean and safe household and kitchen can play an important role in speedier recovery as well.

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