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Getting the right rehab equipment can make an enormous difference to a person?s rehab outcomes and potential quality of life and makes it possible to complete rehabilitation goals in the comfort of the home. Community Physiotherapists can provide help and support to those who wish to use exercise therapy equipment in their own homes rather than make a journey to the hospital or therapy department. Completing rehabilitation at home means reduced cost in travel and parking and takes less time and energy to organise. If you have long term rehabilitation or exercise therapy needs and would prefer to stay in your own home, Mobility.co.uk is here to help.

Order Home Therapy Equipment Online Today

If you know exactly what home therapy equipment you need you will be able to find it by using our simple search function to find a match. This is particularly useful if you are replacing an old or worn out piece of equipment or if you have been using rehab equipment in a hospital or therapy centre and you would like the home equivalent. If you cannot find the home rehab equipment you need you can always get in touch to speak to one of our team and find out if we can either get what you need or have a suitable alternative.

Buy Online or Order a Brochure

You may be unsure if the exercise therapy equipment we have is right for you so a solution is to order a brochure online today. Once you have your brochure delivered you can take it with you to your next doctor or therapist appointment. Getting the confirmation that the rehab equipment is right for you from a healthcare professional means you can buy in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that you will receive the exact item you need to complete your rehabilitation and improve the quality of your life.

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