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Orthopaedic High Seat Chairs for the Elderly

There are many simple pleasures in life but few compare to be able to sit down in a comfortable chair and relax with a good book, radio programme or a chat with friends. Unfortunately, later in life, finding a chair that is comfortable and easy to get in and out of can be a challenge but Mobility have a range of chairs for the elderly that are designed to be just that. An orthopaedic high seat chair can make life that little bit more comfortable and help to put the pleasure back in to sitting down.

Foot Rests, Cushions and Seats for Elderly People

Seats for elderly people often need to be equipped with extras that allow them to be occupied for extended periods and, to that end, Mobility also stock a range of seating accessories. One of the primary concerns our customers have is that their orthopaedic high seat chair can be adjusted to make it high enough to get out of when knees and hips get stiff so we have provided a range of chair raisers the can be fitted to the chair leg to bring them up by varying amounts. We also supply leg and foot rests for added comfort and lifting cushions for an extra boost when standing up.

Order Chairs for the Elderly Online

If you are replacing a worn out chair or one that is no longer suitable then you probably know exactly what you need and can go ahead and use our straightforward ordering system and buy your chair online right now. If you are thinking of investing in a new chair but are not sure what you should get or would like to take your time browsing, go through the options with your Doctor, Physiotherapist or Occupation therapist you can order a brochure online and we will post it directly to you. Having a brochure means you can get some extra advice before you buy and take your time making the decision.

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