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Maintain the freedom and independence you deserve by installing the countries leading Stairlifts as recommended by

Our elegant stairlifts will fit the most difficult of stair cases and whether you need a curved stairlift or straight stairlift you can be assured our surveyors will find you the best solution to safely using the stairs.

Professionally installed by our qualified team of engineers.

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Manual Wheelchairs

Independence and freedom of mobility are an essential part of living an everyday life and having comfort and confidence in the wheelchair you use are must have features.

Only the highest quality lightweight Wheelchairs  are in our range and whether you are the wheelchair user, attendant or carer you will be certain in knowing you have bought only the best from

We would love to hear feedback from you about the experiences you have had with wheelchairs and their accessories and anything we can share to help people with their mobility or disability needs will, we hope, be of benefit to our visitors

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Stairlifts as Mobility Aids

Stairlifts help people to get upstairs with ease and dramatically reduce the pain or struggle they may have been experiencing.

Difficulty getting up and down stairs is an extremely common problem with arthritis, knee pain or difficulty breathing being some of the reasons, but the reality is that a stairlift can be the ideal and most cost effective solution.

I’m sure you have seen the adverts but what you may not of realised is that there are different models available which are designed to fit to your own stair type.

Curved stairlifts are designed and manufactured to order and will perfectly complement the curves and bends in you stairs. Straight stairlifts are easily adapted and will be quickly modified to suit your own straight staircase. Both types are easily installed by a qualified engineer within a day. They are fitted directly to the stairs without any need to damage or fix to your walls.

A modern stairlift will come with a whole host of options and safety features as standard. They include DC battery operation which will work even in a power cut, safety belts, swivel seats and auto stop devices for use in the event of their being an obstacle on the stairs

Safe, smooth and extremely reliable stairlifts are a great aid to mobility and can help you regain the freedom to your own home.

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Buy Mobility Equipment and Improve Your Life Now

Okay this may sound like a controversial statement and you may have your doubts, but read on and if you have an opinion then talk to us.

Having worked with people with disabilities for over twenty years I have learnt a lot about mobility equipment and equipment for the disabled, but most importantly I have learnt a huge amount about people.

I can safely say that every one of our customers has their own individual needs and believe me we have some pretty amazing customers who face a host of challenges everyday.

In my daily experience I find that some people embrace mobility equipment and see the real benefits they can bring to daily living. They can see the benefits of mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, a straight stairlift and rise and recliner chairs and know that whilst they don’t offer a cure they do help to enable and give them some more freedom to live.

Others unfortunately struggle to see how they will be of benefit. They may be set in their ways, don’t want any fuss and sometimes don’t even want to spend their children’s inheritance and would rather suffer. I would say they ‘suffer in silence’, but often this is actually not the case either.

Okay there is always an element of mind set and circumstance involved and it would not be fair to make assumptions, after all everyone is different as is there own situation. But there is one common theme and the truth is that what ever your disability mobility equipment is available to buy now. It can and often will make a huge difference to your quality of life and your health.

So make contact with those with the experience to help. People do care and you never know mobility equipment may just make the difference you need to improve your life now.

Our blogs are here to help you and we can all learn from each others experience, so if you have something to say then talk to us we would love to here from you.

Embrace overcome and live an able life.

Rise & Recliner Chairs For Disabled & Elderly

Disabled and elderly people often require some kind of support when seated as well as assistance when standing. Rise and recliner chairs help to give the stability they need when standing and offer support and comfort to their back and legs when reclining. With easily operated hand controls they are fully self operated which helps to minimise any dependence on other people. Chairs that have only the rising features are also available and the user will adjust the height of the seat to help them stand. Likewise it is possible to have a recliner chair that does not rise, which gives the user the ability to adjust the angle of the back and leg rest for all the comfort and support they need.

Why choose rise and recliner chairs?

The rise and recliner chairs offer a great solution for elderly people suffering from back pain or arthritis, swollen feet and ankles and having difficulties standing. Recliner and riser chairs are manufactured by a number of different companies so it is important to ensure you get advice from an experienced mobility company that will guide you to the right chair for your needs.

Many chairs have a battery backup system which provides extra reliability and exceptional peace of mind, even in a power cut. . They come with a hand control as standard through which the chair can be operated. Manual recliner chairs come with a chair lever that enables the operator to move the back and leg rest to the position they want in order to maximise their comfort. These chairs also come with padded back support cushions that are designed for both comfort and to protect the person’s back. Rise and recliner chairs are a boon for disabled and elderly people as it enables them to live an independent life everyday.

What Are The Advantages Of Electric Powered Wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs simply help disabled and elderly people to move from one place to another. They are disability aids used by people who are unable to walk, often as a result of injury or illness. Conventional manual wheelchairs are consisting of a seat, foot rests and four wheels. These wheelchairs are generally fitted with push handles on the back, and are often operated by another person to aid with movement. With the help of modern technology, many companies have designed and manufactured powered wheelchairs that use battery power to govern the propulsion of the wheelchair.

Advantages of electric-powered wheelchairs over conventional wheelchairs are:

  • Useful for people who cannot propel the manual wheelchairs themselves. For example, people with spinal injuries, cardiovascular or fatigue related disorders, etc.
  • Electric powered wheelchairs come with a joystick that is easy to operate and prevents the need for the user to manually propel it, as found with a conventional wheelchair.
  • Wheelchairs are available with a host of features and are designed to be operated indoors, outdoors or in both the places.
  • They are easy to control and operate by the individual and help make movement an easy task.
  • It comes as standard with a sealed rechargeable battery that supplies power for a sufficiently long time.
  • They can be dismantled easily and stored safely when not in use.

Electric-powered wheelchairs provide great support to disabled and elderly people and enable them to carry out their daily functions with ease. They also help them to lead a normal life without being dependent on anyone for their everyday mobility.