Bed Rails

Bed rails are ideal to help prevent falls and injuries for people with mobility or disability needs and are excellent for additional support if you are confined to or may be likely to roll out of bed. In some circumstances such as those faced by elderly or physically disabled people bed rails can ensure complete safety in bed

Bed rails give you the freedom to relax comfortably while in bed without the worry of slipping out. They can also help you to sit up or change positions without help from others.

There are a few varieties of bed rails available which can usually adjust to fit beds of all kinds. The best known telescopic bed rails are usually chrome plated and and are sturdy as well as stylish. Padded bed rails covers should be used for disabled or at risk individuals. The height of the bed rails vary with the height of the mattress. So, always keep the height of the mattress in consideration to help ensure you pick the appropriate bed rails.

Bed rails are rather easy to install and no professional help is usually required. They can be easily slipped in between the base of the bed and the mattress and if straps are supplied bed rails should also be strapped onto the bed for stability and safety.

Before you buy your bed rails, make sure you consider the style, functionality and whether padding or bedrail bumpers are required.  

Bed Rail Advantage Traveler

Bed Rails

The most portable bed rail on the market! Requires no assembly. Weighs only 7lbs, folds for travel and even fits in a suit case. Features a cushioned...

Bedside Econorail

Bed Rails

The Beside Econorail is the most portable bed rail in the world - making it easier to get-out-of-bed wherever you go. Its strong lightweight design...

Home Bed Rails

Bed Rails

This sturdy bed rail offers stability to those who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. The frame is height adjustable and can be positioned...

Metro Travel Bed Cane

Bed Rails

Perfect for fold-and-go travel! The attached handle of the BedCane provides support for getting out of bed. Slide the handle from its locked position...

Mobility Bed Rail

Bed Rails

The Mobility Bed Rail has legs that extend to the ground for extra stability while standing. And the 3rd pivot arm provides extra support when...

Parnell Premier Bed Rail

Bed Rails

The Parnell Premier Bed Rail is probably the strongest most rigid and safest of any bed rail on the market. They are ready for use in a couple of...

Wooden Bed/Chair Raisers - 6" 15cm

Bed Rails

These traditional hardwood raisers offer both a 4in/10cm and 6in/15cm rise. They are simple to install and are suitable for different bed legs. Set...

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