Bed Equipment

Sleep Safe and Sound with Our Bed Equipment

Getting a good night?s sleep is a crucial component of a happy, healthy life but for some people it can seem like an impossible dream. Many things can get in the way of a relaxing night but fortunately there is a variety of bed equipment that can aid a peaceful rest whether that is at night or in the afternoon. We stock some bed equipment for disabled people and their carers that are designed to make finding the right position easier and enable easier position changes that are less disturbing and help to avoid pressure ulcers and contractions due to inactivity.

Bed Equipment for Elderly People

Older people often struggle at bedtime because it requires a level of physical fitness and flexibility to get into bed, find the right position and move around if pain or discomfort occurs. Many older people would prefer to take care of their own needs and avoid the need for carers or family members to help out with such a personal activity. In addition to a need for independence many older people need to feel confident that they can, if necessary, get out of bed during the night without a high risk of falling.

Increase Your Safety with the Right Bed Equipment

Falls are a major concern for many people and happen frequently at night due to medication taken to aid sleep and being in the dark and being dizzy or disoriented due to orthostatic hypotension. The risk of falling at night can be reduced with the right bed equipment being used to make getting in and out of bed easier and less strenuous. Take a look at our range of bed equipment online today or, order a brochure from us and discuss your options with your GP, occupational therapist or physiotherapist first.

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