Bath Lifts

For many people with reduced mobility or experiencing pain when moving or a disability, bathing can be a truly difficult task.

Our range of bath lifts provide a fresh approach to this problem and are designed to assist in the bathing. Our bath lift lowers and reclines safely, easily and quietly, and they are designed to fit in most baths.

Easy to install, simple to operate and offering excellent comfort, safety, reliability and convenience. These bath lifts have been developed with key features such as hygiene control, ease of use, light weight for easy moving and handling, safety and space saving.

Bath Cushion

Bath Lifts

The Able2 Bathing Cushion is simple to use lowering you gently to the bottom of the bath. Once there you can choose whether to leave a small amount...

Bellavita Bath Lift

Bath Lifts

The leading reclining bath lift in its class the Bellavita has a soft modern feel that is designed to fit comfortably into modern households and...

Lets Sing Shower Stool

Bath Lifts

Letís Sing is a new shower stool with modern design influences intended for use in the shower or bathroom. The chair has a beautiful yet stable...

Lets Step Bath Step

Bath Lifts

Letís Step is a new footstool with modern design influences for use
in the shower or bathroom. The stool has a beautiful yet stable...

Riviera Bathlift

Bath Lifts

During our lifetime our needs change and many of us may well need help bathing. Thankfully the Riviera bathlift is here and introduces a safe...

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