Stairlifts Guide

Buying a Stair Lift - What to Know

Stairlifts have been in use for many years and are found in tens of thousands of homes across the country.

They can?provide a safe and easy solution to the problems that stairs can create and can give you the freedom you want to?access all of your home without compromise.

The majority of new stairlifts come with standard features such as folding seat, arms?and footrest, safety belt or harness, padded seat and backrest, lockable swivel seat, and remote 'call' controls for use when there is more than one person in the house.

All these features are designed to improve the comfort and ease of use of your stairlift and a representative of the stairlift company should always explain to you all the features and benefits the stairlift will offer you.

Do I need a Straight or Curved Stairlift?

Stair design means you will need an assessment to confirm which type of stairlift you will need.

In the majority of homes a Straight Stairlift will be sufficient, however should you have a stairway that is not straight, maybe with an extra landing or turn at the top or bottom, then you may need a Curved Stairlift.

As curved stairlifts are bespoke and made to conform exactly?to the?shape of your staircase they tend to be the more expensive option.


Stairlifts used to be operated purely by mains power, however the majority of stairlifts now operate using highly efficient and extremely reliable batteries which recharge themselves?when the stairlift is parked.

This gives you the extra peace of mind you may need?if you have a power failure. Should this happen you can be assured?that your stairlift will still operate safely.


Stairlifts these days come with a host of safety sensors on the footrest that will automatically stop the stairlift should it come into contact with an obstruction on the stairs.

You?will also usually be provided with?an on/off key which can be used as a child lock or to prevent unauthorised use by others.

Special Needs and Features

One thing to remember is that not everyone is the same and there may be the need for additional features which will enable you to safely use the stairlift.

You may for example need a special hand control,?harness, or a model of stairlift that can be used in?both sitting or standing position.?Therefore when?you are assessed for a stairlift always ensure that you are supplied with the right product to suit?your needs.?

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

  • How long has the company been trading?
  • Will?the company offer an assessment to ensure the?stairlift is both?suitable for your home and your needs?
  • Are my stairs?wide enough?for me to safely use the stairlift?
  • Does the company offer a full Insurance and Warranty package?
  • Is there 365 days a year?technical support available to repair any faults?
  • How long will the stairlift take to install?
  • Does the stairlift have suitable hand controls for my use?
  • Is there a swivel seat?
  • Does the stairlift have a soft start motor to improve the comfort of ride?
  • What is the safe working load of the stairlift?


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