Second Hand Guide


Buying a second hand scooter or wheelchair can be as difficult as buying a second hand car.

It is important to inspect and trial the product to make sure it is working correctly.

If possible leave the power on for an hour or drive for a good distance, then check the battery level. If the battery level has dropped make sure it is in line with the expected range of the vehicle. If you have to buy new batteries you can quickly be adding extra costs to your bargain.

Find out if it has a history of service. We recommend an annual service to keep your product ship-shape - it is always a good sign if a second hand product has been regularly maintained and serviced by a trained professional.

You should reduce the dangers if you buy from an accredited BHTA specialist.

  • They will check that your second-hand mobility vehicle is safe and road worthy, and should offer a proper guarantee.
  • They will help you assess its suitability.
  • They will offer all the services of training and backup that you would receive if you bought it new.
  • They will charge a fair price.
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